23 Hilarious Pictures That Prove the Designers Were Having a Bad Day

When you gave a note to your baker saying “Just Write Happy Birthday” and he literally writes it as it is on the cake…

Designers are without a doubt highly creative people. But, sometimes they either try a little too hard or not at all. And in these cases, we get genuine “masterworks.”

Here we have collected some of the mind-blowing designs that will leave you totally speechless and you will be wondering if the creator was in his right state of mind.

Just Certain Baby Shampoo With A Strawberry Smell

C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Ahsan\2136\1.jpg Imgur

The poor minion had no fault here, no wonder why he has these bloody tears falling down from his poor eyes. I feel bad for this little thing.

Seemingly, There Was No Better Spot For Inflating The Balloon


Ummm… awkward… apparently they could have chosen any other place as well but hats off to the for the spot on placement of the inflating nozzle thingy.

Not The Best Spot To Put The Flowers


Now that just looks gross, I mean just look at that its not even looking nice why would you design such a thing… And why would anybody buy such a thing in the first place… Do I even have to mention what it looks like?

A Mirrored Ceiling Quite A Bad Idea Here – A Very Bad One Indeed


The designer of this building must be high on some serious shit otherwise how could anyone come up with an idea like this… mirrors on the open ceiling, this man deserves a medal for his stupidity. Well of course, no offence intended…

Well… Better Watch Out For The Wall – Apparently There Is No Escape


Oh Oh Oh… You better watch out or else you are going to banging your head so hard straight in the wall that you will be waking up in the hospital.

Winnie The Pooh? Well Not So Much…


That’s not the Winnie The Pooh that I grew up watching, it’s not something even close. Please tell me I am having a bad dream, don’t ruin my childhood memories the real Winnie The Pooh.

It’s So Awesome For A Hot Summer Day…


So it’s a hot summer day and you have been running around like anything, and wow how lucky you are to find something like this, isn’t this cool? Isn’t this awesome? A quick bath on the way home… And you feel all refreshed.

Well Full Marks For Them Trying At Least…

C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Ahsan\2136\8.jpg Twitter

Well never mind for this one…

Ummm… So These Two Flamingos Decided To Meet In A Totally Inappropriate Place


This looks so wrong on so many different levels. No matter how much you try to ignore it you just simply can’t…

Shut-Up Man I Mean That’s Not Even Close…


What were they even thinking, I mean how messed up can these manufacturers be? Spider Man? Like Seriously!! That’s some twisted shit man…

I Guess Someone Shitted In The Wrong Place…


What has gotten in the heads of the designers, they are literally shitting all over… I am not even kidding, it definitely looks like it.

So Most Likely, The Designer Of This Mini Globe Had His Europe Visa Rejected


The designer of this globe must be so sad on being rejected from getting the European visa that he decided to mess is out on the globe.

Not The Best Most Deserving Father For The Father Of The Year Award, I Must Say…


Well that’s not what you call paying attention towards your children. The kid is literally nailing his leg in the picture not the best dad according to me…

Would Have Been Perfect If This Black Was A Little Transparent So We Could Actually See…


Yeah like if you would put measurements on the black bottle I would clearly be able to see what is in the inside, right! Some people make stuff without using even a tiny bit of their brain.

That’s What You Call A 2 In 1 Thing… Genius Right!!


Nothing else but I was just imagining myself wearing that thing, but the only problem was getting in it… Even the thought of that gave me a kind of headache.

Oh Well! At Least Now You Can Enjoy The Leave In Summer Aswell…


There are leaves on the road, well no problem… lets just save them for summer as well. Genius right!

This Couldn’t Get Anymore Frustrating Right… I Mean Why??


Like you weren’t already tired of those stubborn plastic packaging that you made it a hell of a job to open the opener itself…

You All Must Be Wondering Why You Have Been Gathered Here…


We all know where the great ideas come from but it doesn’t mean to take your shit to a next level…

When They Take What You Say Way Too Literal…


When you gave a note to your baker saying “Just Write Happy Birthday” and he literally writes it as it is on the cake… What a genius he is I must say…

For The Ones Who Don’t Really Like Doing Things The Easy Way

C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Ahsan\2136\20.jpg Imgur

You were given one job and you couldn’t even get that right…

Here Is A Usb, You Asked For… Make A Cake With This Photo On It…


Well… now that’s funny though, but I still wonder what was inside the USB drive.

Maybe The Name Of The Designer Is Mike…

C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Ahsan\2136\22.jpg Imgur

Nike? No? Oh Yeah It might be some Mike the designer… Must be famous as well, well I just not much into brands that’s it…

Something Terribly Went Wrong With Cinderella’s Nose…


Oh My God! Poor Cinderella, it feels like some mosquito had a full fledge supper from her nose… It’s terribly wrong yet so funny at the same time.

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23 Hilarious Pictures That Prove the Designers Were Having a Bad Day

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