20 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Kissing

We all love to kiss. Majority of us know how to kiss. Maybe you think that you have kissed all figured it out so it may be a surprise for you to discover that there are a lot more than you have to know about kissing.

With that in mind, here are some interesting facts that people should know about kissing:

Fact #1: Kissing promotes the release of Dopamine.


When you kiss someone for the first time, the act of kissing will stimulate the release of the neurotransmitter called Dopamine which will surely make you crave for more. Additionally, it is this neurotransmitter that is responsible for making you lose sleep and your appetite. Now, that is the scientific explanation for the usual feeling you get when you fall in love.

Fact #2: There’s no logical explanation why people kiss.

Mouth-on- mouth, teeth-to-teeth, and saliva-to-saliva– why would many people want that? The theory of most people is we do that in order to get biological information to determine if the other person can become a good mate for us.

Fact #3: Kissing can save your life.


During the 1980’s a popular study has concluded that men who kiss their wives before leaving the house rarely get into accidents, have a much bigger income and live a lot longer than men who don’t kiss their wives.

Fact #4: About 66% of people tilt their heads to the right during a kiss.


This was discovered by German Researcher Onun Gunturkun when he spied on 224 kissing couples in different public places in Germany. While observing, he noticed that about 66% of his test subjects tilt their heads when they kiss.

Fact #5: Kissing creates changes in the levels of neurotransmitters in your body.


When you kiss someone, the levels of neurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrine change. Such changes may lead to different physiological reactions including faster heartbeat, more oxygen in the brain and dilated pupils. The latter part may be the reason why many people close their eyes when kissing.

Fact #6: Kissing allows you to determine if someone is a great partner for you.


In her study, Anthropologist Helen Fisher discovered that people tend to choose partners who have the same biological profiles as them. Through kissing, you will be able to figure out if someone would be a great match for you.

Fact #7: Kissing is not widely accepted by all cultures.

Due to the studies of many anthropologists, it has been found out that there are some race or tribes in Africa, Asia, and South America who do not kiss at all. This may surely make people wonder: How do these people show their love for each other?

Fact #8: There are some people who are terrified of kissing.

It is normal for us to feel a bit of anxiety during a first kiss. But did you know that there are some people who feel the chronic fear of kissing? This fear is known to be philemaphobia.

Fact #9: Kissing releases endorphins which will make you feel euphoric.


We have all experienced being on a high after kissing. This magical feeling is brought about by the release of endorphins that are brought about by kissing. Thank your hypothalamus and pituitary gland for this amazing feeling.

Fact #10: When two lips meet, 5 out of 12 cranial nerves are stimulated.


The reaction of cranial nerves is due to the fact that the brain is trying to collect as much information as it can about the other person. This is why many people sometimes rely on the first kiss to determine if the person he is kissing is compatible with them.

Fact #11: Kissing keeps you healthy.

Kissing does more than make us feel good. There have been studies that indicate that kissing can also help us keep healthy. It is said to boost the immune system and it can also help lower blood pressure. Additionally, the extra saliva produced when kissing can wash out bacteria from the mouth.

Fact #12: You kiss using a muscle called orbicularis oris.

In order to pucker your lips, you have to make use of the orbicularis oris muscle. The pout that you make when kissing resembles the lips that a baby makes when breastfeeding. In addition to this major muscle, we also use other little muscles when we kiss.

Fact #13: Kissing is a face workout.


As mentioned above, we use lots of muscles when we kiss. In fact, you use about 146 muscles when you kiss your partner. This is why it does not come as a surprise that you burn about 26 calories just from a minute of kissing.

Fact #14: We are able to kiss in the dark, thanks to the help of special neurons.

A team of Princeton University conducted a study during the 1990’s and they discovered that there are some neurons in our premotor cortex that is responsible for visual awareness and tactile sensation in darkness. That is why a lot of people are able to kiss at night, without the lights on.

Fact #15: Kissing also releases oxytocin.


Oxytocin is more commonly known as the love hormone. This hormone is known to be what fuels the love that keeps the relationship alive. The honeymoon feeling is brought about by the dopamine spike but it is oxytocin that sustains the love even if the initial feeling has already fizzled.

Fact #16: Overtime, kissing reduced cortisol levels.


Cortisol is the so-called stress hormone and the longer that you have been with someone, the bigger amount of cortisol levels is reduced when kissing. This is why couples who have been together for a long time feel safe and secured.

Fact #17: The more kisses are given, the more satisfied people are in their relationships.


According to a study, the amount of kissing is related to the quality of the relationship people have. The more in love two people are, the more they kiss. When they start to drift away from each other, the lesser the kissing moments will be.

Fact #18: People tend to remember their first kiss more than they remember their first sex.


This study conducted by John Bohannon of Butler University involved asking 500 people about their most important memory including their first sex and first kiss. Many people claim that the first kiss is their most detailed memory.

Fact #19: Kissing is a lot more important in relationships for women than it is for men.


According to a study that involved 1000 college students, it has been discovered that kissing plays an important role for women in finding the right mate. Men use it just to increase the chances of having sex. So if a man tries to kiss, you know where it might lead to!

Fact #20: The world record for longest kiss is two days.

The longest kiss lasted 58 hrs, 35 mins and 58 seconds and was shared by a Thai couple, Laksana Tiranarat and Ekkachai Tiranarat. In the event that fact #17 is true, then it means that these two people really love each other.

Kissing is truly an interesting activity. The facts mentioned above will surely make a lot of people more interested in it.

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20 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Kissing

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