17 of the Internet’s Scariest Photos That Will Give You Nightmares

Not for the faint hearted!

The supernatural. It’s always interesting to explore and has the ability to grasp the attention of both the skeptical minded and the rigorous believers. There have always been people claiming to have supernatural powers or supernatural knowledge about the unseen. They’ve been called different names, shamans, witches, sorcerers. But the fact remains that they always had a certain alluring air of mystery about them that made people curious, if not entirely impressed by them.

And by the help of these certain figures, the supernatural soon achieved an exalted position amongst those with devious intentions. And people have always been about such things. The mystery that accompanies even the slightest mention of the paranormal is surprising to say the least.

This uncanny attraction of the paranormal isn’t entirely without reason. The affinity of our cultures with the supernatural means we have lots of pictures and even videos as ‘proof’ of the existence of some kind of paranormal beings. Sure, the photos can be tampered but some might just be genuine.

Here are 17 such photos that might just give you nightmares, even if they aren’t entirely unexplainable.

#1. The Cooper Family Mystery

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\2084\2084 (1)\1.jpgAHSnNewsFrance // Twitter

This picture was taken when the Cooper family was celebrating their new house. While taking the picture, they noticed nothing strange. Until they saw the developed prints. The body like thing dangling from the ceiling is undeniable.

#2. The Poltergeist?!

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\2084\2084 (1)\2.jpgCentre Supernaturel // Youtube

This video got viral upon release mainly due to the debate it sparked. Some of us believed it was a poltergeist messing around the hall. Others just thought it was an earthquake. The reality however, was much simpler. It was a Malaysian commercial for the thriller Bangunan.

#3. The Brown Lady

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\2084\2084 (1)\3.jpgWikimedia

Amongst the most famous pictures with supernatural appearances is the Brown Lady. The woman in the picture is thought to be Dorothy Walpole. Or her ghost. Rumor has it that Dorothy’s husband imprisoned her in Raynham Hall for life upon suspicions of cheating. People who visited Raynham hall after her death have vowed they saw or felt some presence. Some have even gone as far as to say they heard her whisper to them. The reality of the Brown Lady is still shrouded in mystery.

#4. Dance of Death

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\2084\2084 (1)\4.jpgTheEldritch.tumblr.com

This photo made a lot of people sh** their pants. People initially thought it was a dancing demon they saw on this man’s hospital bed. But the pictorial analysis of this picture proved it was just some negative space creating the illusion of a deformed body. The demon’s leg is actually the patient’s leg, the hip is the bed’s handrail while the head is just a bunch of medical waste in polythene bags. So much for the mystery!

#5. Faces in the water

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\2084\2084 (1)\5.jpgMindblowingworld.com

This picture is believed to be captured while an unsuspecting tourist was voyaging aboard the SS Watertown in 1924. A lot of people who saw the picture said there was an uncanny resemblance between the ‘faces’ in the water and James Courtney and Michael Meehan who were thought to have died when their ship sank in the Atlantic.

#6. Aliens?!

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\2084\2084 (1)\6.jpgCIA

This photo is believed to be taken in the 1962. But this doesn’t exactly meet the criteria for paranormality. What is seen in this picture is thought to be a UFO (unidentified flying object). People associate UFOs to aliens from outer space. This picture came out in the open after the CIA declassified some documents in the 1970s. And this one is still the property of the CIA.

#7. Too soon for the Cemetery

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\2084\2084 (1)\7.jpgParanormal.xf.cz

Taken by Mabel Chinnery in 1959, while Mabel and her husband were going to the cemetery to visit Mabel’s mom. After printing the photo, Mabel saw her mother in the back seat! There are quite a few speculations about this photo but the reality is still not clear.

#8. Feeling Cold

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\2084\2084 (1)\8.jpgThehorrormoviesblog.com

Taken aboard the military fleet in Somerset, England in 1987. This woman was alone all day especially while she was being photographed. People say she had been complaining of feeling cold on an unusually hot day. Later, upon printing, she saw someone beside her. The authenticity of this picture is still questioned.

#9. The Grim Reaper

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\2084\2084 (1)\9.jpgWikimedia

This picture was taken by a priest in Newby Church in Yorkshire, England. A blurred image of the grim reaper is hard to miss in this picture. And the research upon the picture proves it hasn’t been altered.

#10. The Paranormal

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\2084\2084 (1)\10.jpgScaryforkids.com

A lot of the viewers who had the chance to see this picture thought it was taken at a paranormal show in Japan. The reality however was much more basic. It was a fake picture and the girl was actually just posing for the camera. Didn’t take the photoshoppers much time to make her head seem more tilted than it actually was.

#11. Apt Timing

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\2084\2084 (1)\11.jpgParanormal-association.com

This ghost surely had the sense of a perfectly timed appearance. This photo was taken in 1968 during a conference on spirituality and the supernatural. The speaker, Robert A. Ferguson, who’s seen standing at the podium was delivering a speech at this spiritualist convention. The blurry specter that can be seen in the picture was later found out to be Ferguson’s brother who passed away during World War II. Upon seeing this picture first, suspicions can arise regarding the authenticity of this picture since there seems to be double exposure on the image. However, this picture was taken by a polaroid camera, where the images are developed instantly. There goes the chances of any dark-room trickery!

#12. The Haunted Sanatorium

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\2084\2084 (1)\12-1.jpgParanormal-association.com

this sanatorium in Kentucky was built to treat tuberculosis. And it saw an estimated 8000 deaths. No wonder we found a scary ghost picture here. The ghost seen in the picture is thought to be that of a nurse who committed suicide in room 502. The stories behind her suicide are varied, but the most commonly quoted is one where she hung herself in the room because she was single and pregnant. The authenticity of the image remains shrouded in mystery as many others in this article.

#13. Lord Combermere’s Ghost

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\2084\2084 (1)\13.jpgGhost-story.co.uk

This picture was taken at the Combermere Abbey library in 1891 by Sybell Corbet. A faint figure of a man sitting in the chair is hard to miss. This faint figure is widely thought to be the ghost of Lord Combermere.

Lord Combermere died in 1891 and at the time this picture was taken, his funeral was taking place some 4 miles away. According to Corbet, the exposure took an hour, so it is possible that someone might have come in and sat in the chair for just enough time to make that faint image of a man. But the family testified there was nobody in the house except the photographer.

#14. The monster of Hook Island

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\2084\2084 (1)\14.jpgPikabu.ru

Hook Island is located just off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

This picture from Hook Island was taken in 1964 when Robert Le Serrec was staying there for his vacation. One day when he was crossing the Bay on the island, his wife saw this odd creature in the water. He took many photos of the creature, including the one above. Le Serrec even tried filming the creature but it quickly swam away. This picture soon got famous and it’s still one of the unexplained photographs in the world.

The explanations for this picture range from it being a large plastic bag to it being a balloon covered in sea weed. But the reality is still a mystery.

#15. The Babushka Lady

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\2084\2084 (1)\15.jpgHistoricmysteries.com

The assassination of John F. Kennedy still remains a mystery as nobody really knows who killed him. Some think it was Harvey Lee Oswald, but that too isn’t entirely confirmed.

A possible witness to the shooting is nicknamed the ‘Babushka lady’. She can be seen in the picture above wearing the red scarf. This woman was standing very close to the motorcade when the shooting took place so people assume she could have the clearest idea as to what exactly happened when Kennedy was shot.

Adding spice to the story, the ‘Babushka Lady’ never came forth despite requests by the FBI to testify. And nobody has ever heard of her since then.

In 1970 though, a woman called Beverly Oliver claimed she was the Babushka Lady, but her story had so many loopholes that nobody really paid much attention to her.

#16. The Amityville Horror

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\2084\2084 (1)\16.jpgParanormally perplexed

This Dutch colonial house in Amityville, New York is amongst the most famous haunted places in the United States. The haunting is said to have its roots back in a night in 1974 when Ronald Defeo killed 6 members of his family.

In 1975, George and Kathy Lutz shifted into the house with their 3 children. Soon after moving in, they claimed paranormal occurrences happening. Kathy said she would often be embraced by some ‘ghastly’ presence while one of their children made friends with some imaginary ‘thing’ who looked like a pig and had bright red eyes. They fled the house after only 28 days.

This picture was taken by Ed and Lorraine Warren in 1976 when they visited the house in hopes of unearthing the mystery. Some believe the picture captured the youngest son of Defeo who was 6 at the time of the shooting. Other’s think it’s just one of the helpers that came with the Warrens. The controversy remains but it sure is one of the scariest images from the Amityville Horror.

#17. The Haunted Staircase

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\2084\2084 (1)\18.jpgSpookyisles.com

This famous photograph was taken by Ralph Hardy, a clergyman from British Columbia. He was taking a picture of the ‘Tulip Staircase in the Queen’s House. But when he developed the picture, he saw a strange figure climbing the stairs. Experts from Kodak who examined the negatives concluded that the picture wasn’t tampered with. It’s no secret that unexplained figures have been seen in the vicinity of the staircase and some have even heard unexplained footsteps.

Some people have even heard children chanting, pale women mopping the staircase, doors slamming and even being pinched by unseen figures.

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17 of the Internet’s Scariest Photos That Will Give You Nightmares

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