16 Photos You Should Avoid If You Have a Vivid Imagination

In the age of social media, we are often left in disbelief at some of the pictures that we come across. Below is a list of some pictures which would make anyone take a second look.

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Every so often we come across a picture that makes us look twice. The reason we turn our heads a second time is because something has drawn our attention towards the picture. Often times this can be something unique or strange; sometimes an optical illusion. Below is a list of 16 pictures where you will turn back to double check if what you interpreted is correct.

16. A Dolphin or Something Else?


We learn in Physics class just how much looking at something through a glass can affect its shape as a result of the curvature of the glass. Of course, if you go to an aquarium, you expect the glass to be straight so your view of the sea creatures is not distorted. In this picture, the combination of the camera and the glass divider has caused the dolphin to look like something quite different. The woman standing next to the glass surely did not intend to give the impression that may be immediately construed when looking at the picture.

15. The Two Headed Specimen


At first glance, the image seems to show a two headed deer. But that can’t be. A closer inspection finds that the deer’s one ear is sagging downward and a bird is sitting just underneath it. You would think a bird casually sitting sideways on a deer’s face would be weird enough, but the colour and angle of the bird is just perfect in making us think that the deer has a second head.

14. Nice Backpack!


I’m not sure it is safe to have an octopus with its tentacles wrapped around you. Perhaps that is just because I don’t know enough about the creatures, but movies have shown me that they can be a real pain to get off you and have great binding power. Having said that, the octopus blends perfectly in the picture with the individual’s choice of clothing. And no one assumes that someone would have an octopus on their back, this combination of elements leads us to further inspect the picture and figure out what’s going on.

13. Cotton Harvesting


This image gives the impression of a festival or concert. This is down to the lighting and the angle; but also the cotton. In the light, or lack of light, the cotton fields look like an amalgamation of people. Unlike the above pictures, this seems fairly normal so we take it for what we believe it is and it is only after looking a second time that we realise it is something else entirely.

12. Baby Face or Not


It is not often you come across a picture of an individual that you cannot put an age on. Normally this is an age range but it hardly one as large as between 10 and 43. Closer inspection, leads me to believe that some sort of ‘babify’ app has been used on the picture but who knows.

11. Romantic Photos


It is not that uncommon to come across pictures where it seems like one person’s *insert random body part* is another person’s *insert random body part*. The above picture is an example of such a picture. Regardless of how often these types of pictures are shared on social media, they are always interesting to see and you can’t help trying to figure out what exactly the image is of.

10. A Hard Focus Test for Men


If you are a man, it is unlikely that you are paying attention to the background of this picture. But if you do happen to remove your focus from the beautiful ladies, you will find something quite strange. All the people in the background, despite being different heights and wearing different clothes, all have the same face.

9. Shaolin Nose Training


Above is one of those pictures that was just captured at the perfect moment. The wind is blowing one girl’s hair as the other takes a deep breath, but the image gives the illusion that it is one girl’s deep breath that causes the other’s hair to rise.

8. Whose Hand is that Anyway?


In the above picture, at first glance you assume that girl and boy are making out. However, on closer inspection it appears that they both might be girls. This explains the feminine looking hand that would have been very strangely positioned if it was a picture of a man and woman.

7. The Mysterious Pregnancy


Another picture which was taken at just the right time. The similar colour of the one woman’s headpiece and the other’s sweater and the positioning of the former’s head leads us to believe that the latter’s tummy is far rounder than it is. I wonder if anyone on Facebook commented on her baby to come.

6. Winter Problems


What do you call a cross between a man and dog? There is probably an answer somewhere in Greek mythology. This image gives the illusion of such a creature with the legs of a man and the upper body of a dog. However, we soon realize that the dog is in fact sitting on someone’s lap and that the legs belong to this person. The clothes of the dog really add to its cuteness. I wouldn’t be surprised to find this picture on the front page of Reddit.

5. The Chosen One Pt. 2?


The perfect timing of the camera gives the impression that the young lady is floating on the water. Unless you believe in humans possessing supernatural powers, this concept is beyond belief and leads us to looking a second time.

4. Relax! It’s Just a Cherry


This one is a well orchestrated photo designed to shock the viewer. A half eaten cherry is perfectly placed upon the thumb and a picture is taken. It seems far grosser when you haven’t heard the explanation.

3. Baby’s Feet


Another picture where person A’s body part appears to be a part of person B. In this case, the existence of such a part would have been quite questionable, to be honest. We find out that the parts in question are actually a baby’s feet.

2. How it was Done Before the Days of Snapchat


I can’t imagine how many attempts it took to get this picture out perfectly. My dogs won’t even let me take a regular picture without moving around. But her dog’s mouth is perfectly positioned so as to make it seem like the lower part of her face is that of a dog.

1. Regret!


Coming across tattoos gone wrong is always interesting – I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a subreddit just for that. Perhaps we human naturally think along dirtier lines than we should, but this tattoo looks like a hand wrapped around something that is not a finger.

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16 Photos You Should Avoid If You Have a Vivid Imagination

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