16 Hilarious Boyfriends and Husbands Who Make Sure Relationship Is Never Boring

Number one is the best!

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Spicing up your relationship from time to time is never a bad idea. In fact, it is something every person in a relationship must do. After all, no one wants a boring relationship.

People have different ways of spicing things up when it comes to relationships. Some prefer dates while others prefer flowers. However, the most interesting way of making a relationship interesting is to take the help of a nice old joke.

Harmless practical jokes are brilliant and have a lot of amazing side-effects. They can make your day and keep you smiling for the rest of it. For exactly that reason, we have compiled a list of hilarious jokes played by partners on their wives and girlfriends in order to keep things interesting. Without further ado, let’s get right into them!

#16: The Most Basic Birthday Party Ever.


This husband threw the most basic birthday party for his wife. Apparently, she wanted a ‘run-of-the-mill’ party. Anyhow, she got whatever she had asked for, which leaves her with no reason to be disappointed! Truly a wonderful joke.

#15: Dining with Cats.


This is the result of a husband letting boredom get the best of him when his wife leaves town. He texted her saying he was thinking of having a formal dinner with their cats. Whether it went down or not is a different story; just the thought of it is hilarious!

#14: An important warning.


This is what happens when you have a cautious boyfriend. This girlfriend underwent minor surgery and woke up to instructions written on her arms and legs by him. They were apparently for the doctors, which makes this situation even funnier than it already is!

#13: An uncanny resemblance.


The first picture was taken at the Dallas aquarium and the second at Target. This is what happens when a fun couple hangs out at different locations!

#12: The funkiest cat ever.


It is never a good idea to let your boyfriend take the cat for a trim. As a result, this couple’s cat now looks like a rock star!

Which is not a bad thing …

#11: Something’s fishy!


This man’s girlfriend told him she would stop insulting his crocs if he would find something uglier. From the picture, one can clearly see that he has won this battle!

#10: Only the best proposal ever!


This is what happens when a physicist proposes to another physicist! It’s a truly adorable yet hilarious proposal.

#9: A floury apology.


This boyfriend apologized to his girlfriend using bags of flour. What an unconventional way of going about things after messing up! Let’s hope his apology was accepted, for his sake.

Would you prefer flowers or flours?

#8: A violent engagement.


When asked to touch-up his and his wife’s engagement picture, this husband went all the way by changing the background to a sea laden with battleships and fighter jets in the sky!

It kind of symbolizes marriage, doesn’t it?

#7: The honest but supportive boyfriend.


This boyfriend turned up to the marathon his girlfriend had just finished in order to show her some support.

However, that did not stop him from expressing his opinions over being woken up early in the morning just to see her run. What a brilliant way to stay honest and classy!

#6: The typo.


This girlfriend mistakenly wrote ‘bot’ instead of ‘boy’ when referring to her boyfriend.

Seeing the opportunity to crack a brilliant joke, the boyfriend pounces on it and grabs it with both hands, replying in a robotic manner. This will surely crack you up!

#5: The note with the twist!


This incredibly creative note was left by a newly-wed husband for his wife. What an amazing way to play a prank!

#4: You’ve come to the wrong fridge!


When a girlfriend told her boyfriend she liked Pepsi, this is what she found in the fridge when she got home. A classic ‘you’ve come to the wrong neighborhood scene’ re-enacted, except in a refrigerator using soft drinks!

#3: A classic thank you!


We’re all used to seeing short and sweet notes written by authors on the first few pages of their books. These notes are usually written to show gratitude to friends and family.

However, this author was completely honest while writing his note, and boy did he make everyone laugh with his wits!

#2: A man’s best friend, indeed.


This is what happens when your girlfriend leaves home. This man and his dog are finally having dinner together, something they’d been putting off due to ‘unwanted company!’

The dog sure looks like he is enjoying himself!

#1: The poorly-wrapped gift.


This man bought his wife a necklace for Christmas and asked the customer service representative to wrap it in the worst way possible. He obliged, making way for an incredibly funny joke!

The look on the wife’s face must have been priceless.

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16 Hilarious Boyfriends and Husbands Who Make Sure Relationship Is Never Boring

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