15 Times Snap chat Went Oh So Wrong

Snapchat is the main way for millions of people around the world who to stay in touch. That surely doesn’t mean everything they share is to be seen. Some of these are NSFW and if you consider yourself as a person of taste, you should turn back.

1. At 70 years, we’ll see how you look like


This is actually Play Boy model Dani Mathers body shaming a 70 year old lady. She was later prosecuted for this image as well.

2. Adult diapers?


Oh well.

3. Compliment shaming?


It’s like you’re trying to shame people with compliments. Or giving them certificates for attending the orgasm university.

4. Celebrating Father’s day a bit too soon?


He’s celebrating father’s day with the kids. Only problem is, he’s rushing it.

5. Sweet revenge


I’d love to see the reaction on the guy’s face.

6. The best way to market your stash


The cops surely can’t be on this guy’s snapchat.

7. Giving people what they want


But making sure it’s shrouded in mystery.

8. You gotta do what you gotta do


She’s obviously drunk. But did she get drunk at the church?!

9. When your dad figures how to use snapchat


That might cause him some problems with the bouncers.

10. Gut soup?


Why would you want to share that? How gross can you be?!

11. Two ways to say everything


There are always two sides of the coin.

12. The fancy new app?


Well shit. You should’ve asked for someone who knew how to use it.

13. Inappropriate funerals?


He’s actually used filter on the dead body. Bravo!

14. At least he knows where he’s going


The dog filter? Really?

15. The last photo she had


At least he’s regretting what he did.

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15 Times Snap chat Went Oh So Wrong

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