15 Signs He Will Never Be Your Boyfriend

Modern day relationships are so confusing, especially with all the extra apps. However, this also means that there are a lot of confused girls who don’t know where they are with their relationships. This is why we have compiled 15 indications that he will never actually be your boyfriend.

15. Your Relationship is Only Digital

Having good communication is important in relationships but it also depends on how the communication is occurring. If your relationship is only on Insta or Snap then maybe it’s not real!

14.He Never Talks About Serious Things That Actually Matter

Maybe this keeps things light and fresh between you two but it also means that he doesn’t think about serious steps in life with you. Maybe you are taking things more serious than they are!

13. He Talks About Things That Will Never Happen

He talks about moving away or maybe traveling the world, he’s obviously not crazy! He is just playing with imagination because this is not a serious relationship for him! Ouch!

12. He’s Very Confusing

Of course, this one is kind of hard because let’s get real, men are overall very confusing! Sometimes they send these confusing signals because he just wants to play with your mind however, this could also be a bad sign. Especially if he is always confusing then that just means he will never not be confusing with you. Uh-oh.

11. He Never Texts Right Away

If he always takes forever to reply, please stop texting him again and again! He takes this time away because he is not making you a priority and has other things that are more important. Also, it could be because he needs the time to think about where you are so he knows what to say.

10. Its Majorly All Physical

Obviously hooking up is so common in today’s society but it can be confusing when one side thinks more of it than it actually is. So if your man only wants you for physical reasons, then girl find yourself a new boy!

9. He Never Wants You Coming Over

Obviously, letting someone over just means you are wanting to take the relationship forward, however, if this step doesn’t seem to come in a relationship than it means there are some problems! Maybe this shows that he isn’t looking to take the relationship forward!

8. You Don’t Do Romantic Activities

Every girl loves to go out on romantic dates and every guy knows this! So if he isn’t taking you out every now and then, then this means he isn’t interested in impressing you. Maybe he isn’t looking for anything serious and is just having fun.

7. You Don’t Call Each Other BF/GF

This is an awkward stage in most relationships since it’s hard to tell where the other person is in the relationship. However, don’t ever call him your boyfriend without him telling you that he wants to be your boyfriend. Okay? It’s for your own good sister!

6. He Never Gets Jealous

Us girls don’t like jealous guys but we also don’t like guys who don’t get jealous at all, if that makes sense. Probably not, but I guess we are just complicated. Getting jealous shows that he thinks of you as his so he doesn’t want any other guy to look at you like that!

5. He Rarely Talks About His Feelings

Guys never really talk about the future, in fact, they hate “the talk.” However, one of the worst feelings is when you feel like he wants to talk about the future but when you add to the conversation he holds back.

4. You Never Hang with His Friends

You know that when you invite a guy over to your friends, it is a big step because it means he is special to you. This is why if he doesn’t want to take you out with his friends, it means he isn’t there yet!

3. You Never Meet His Family

This is a huge step in any relationship however after a certain time it is an important step. If he doesn’t take this step than it means he doesn’t take the relationship seriously.

2. He Doesn’t Label the Relationship

We all want to know exactly what our relationship means. Therefore, if he doesn’t tell you then maybe it doesn’t mean the same to you as what it does to him.

1. He’s Flirtatious with Others

Come on, this is an obvious one! He’s apparently dating you but talks to other girls too? No thanks!

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15 Signs He Will Never Be Your Boyfriend

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