15 Husbands Who Are Proof That You Can’t Win Against a Pregnant Woman


Pregnancy is not just a one-time affair that one might forget and move forward. It is a nine month long commitment to make sure that things progress smoothly. It is but natural to expect the changes that may accompany the whole process of pregnancy and their influence on the relationship dynamics. The fact that women already start to develop deep bond with the baby in the early stages of pregnancy indicates the onset of motherhood. The emotional changes that are brought about may not get registered with men who only appreciate fatherhood after the child is born. Add to it the changes that a women’s body undergo, the protruding belly, the raging hormones, the noticeable curves as the baby grows inside their womb is certain to affect the relationship to a certain extent.

Awareness of the accompanying emotional and physiological changes may help men to be more attentive and sensitive to the needs of their partner. Being aware of all the different possibilities will help the couple to work on their problems and find a solution to their issues accordingly. Here are some of the instances where husbands of pregnant wives simply cannot win.


"Let's watch football and eat nachos together all day!"……not. #pregnantwifeproblems

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The husband suggested some great time pass by watching Netflix and spending quality time together. The wife had a plan of her own.


I think he's on to me. #pregnanttexts #instagrampostsmakemehungry #hedidthistome @zachlavalley

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The husband better be smart and go for shopping else he will be greeted with fireworks at home. We hope for his sake he picks up on the not so subtle hints by his wife.


It could have been much worse considering the hormones and the additional stress of pregnancy. Nonetheless it was a rude awakening to say the least.


You may never know how your wife’s pregnancy may have consequences on your daily life. This guy got the surprise in his lunch box when two simple slices of bread greeted him as her wife’s idea of lunch.


The husband who somehow earned the ‘get out of jail free’ card. Things are slowly looking up as normalcy is returning to the house.


LMAO! My poor hubby, maybe if they made the vanilla in neopolitan ice cream taste better I'd eat it 🙂 #neopolitan #icecream #pregnantwifeproblems

A post shared by 🇨🇦 NAZ💋 (@schnazzynaz) on

The husband was left with literally no choice by his wife. Who said anything about life being fair and do not even dare to further investigate the matter.


The husband is slowly getting schooled what hormones are capable of when one is pregnant. Well good luck with the exciting and at the same time frustrating time of the relationship.


This husband knows how to get things back on track and make her wife’s day that much more beautiful. Little effort in pleasing your wife goes a long way in a happy and healthy relationship.


Unfortunately this husband did not get the memo of how to handle a pregnant wife. Results speak out for themselves.


Somebody did the unthinkable and learned the hard way. He is lucky he was let off easy; people have been murdered for less than that!


The doughnut nibbler strikes again! #pregnantwifeproblems

A post shared by Jordan (@jordanp1227) on

The husband is again greeted with the nibbled doughnuts. You just take your eyes off for a minute and you are left with an imperfect doughnut.


Then we have this husband whose dreams got shattered by the reality of things.


She's threatening me with a divorce over fast food. #pregnantwifeproblems #yourloss #bigmacaddict

A post shared by Corey Inman (@coreyjinman) on

The husband has got things under control for now and seems to have smooth sailing so far in the otherwise choppy waters of pregnancy.


She's threatening me with a divorce over fast food. #pregnantwifeproblems #yourloss #bigmacaddict

A post shared by Corey Inman (@coreyjinman) on

This husband is treading on wafer thin ice.


C:\Users\MAhAd\Downloads\14.11\last image.jpgTwitter

The husband knows she actually loves him but there is a scary possibility at that point in time she might have something much more important than him on her mind.

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15 Husbands Who Are Proof That You Can’t Win Against a Pregnant Woman

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