15 Apparently X-Rated Photos That Are Actually Really Innocent

All over the world, slight changes in camera angles and lighting are turning innocent snaps into some seriously inappropriate viewing.You might have come across pictures where you have looked the picture twice.

They’re as X-rated as they appear to be and it’s not just people who’ve got dirty minds who misinterpret these pictures, either. They look so far from reality that, to the unsuspecting viewer.

Here are 15 snaps that look rude, but are perfectly innocent…

1. Look at the girth on that, um, sausage?!

The packaging of this giant sausage is a giveaway, or perhaps some poor animal lost its manhood in the common humiliating way possible, and presently it’s worse being sold as a German sausage.

2. I wonder if this was advertised as a full body massage

This ad is doing nothing to dispel this stereotype as massages have long been associated with “happy endings”. Yet, even if this “lady box” looks pretty convincing it’s biologically impossible for a person to have a vagina on their neck.

3. What a lovely pair of… knees!

It’s no wonder that this picture looks like full frontal nudity on a first glance but have look again.

4. Surely not?!

Many people opt for a “landing strip”instead of a full Brazilian and female pubic hair is a contentious issue, although this is only a close up of an eye.

Frequently unintentionally sexual optical illusions go viral on the internet. While memes are created to make people chuckle!

5. How one shoe can ruin a family photo

It seems like this guy’s manhood has slipped through his pants and this photo looks as dirty as it appears to be from a distance.

6. He’s been trolled by the weather

At least this weatherman seems like he’s got a massive dong while phallic optical illusions must be embarrassing for the people involved..

7. This is the worst one yet…

Those flaps look too much like a vagina for it to have been accidental.

8. Someone’s getting fired

Occasionally we might talk about our sex lives after one too many glasses of vino, but no one wants their latest conquest to get aired on the news. People don’t like to kiss and tell. You’d have assumed they’d have been more definite with their choice of words.

A fun fact about optical illusions is that our minds create them. We rack our brains in search of the most natural interpretation of it when we’re presented with an image, so if something happens to look more like a penis than a shoe, that’s precisely what we’ll see.

9. Your guess is as good as mine…

It’s profoundly strange that two women would take a selfie in front of a penis unless this was a still from an X-rated movie.

10. Put some pants on!

You’d think that this girl’s privacy had been attacked but it is her friend’s incompetently-placed arm.

11. She’s confident! Oh, wait a minute…

This woman’s legs look like so opened up so far-flung that it seems like she’s about to give birth to a baby.

12. That’s a position I’ve not seen before

The fact that this guy never whacked his head off her butt but its just an illusion.

 13. The kinkiest of palm treesPerhaps he should live inside a phallus-shaped palm tree rather of a pineapple!

14. Who knew the English were so filthy?!

I question if the makers of the bridge had any sense how the light could affect their design?

15. Get your mind out of the gutter!

Take a close look at the picture it’s just a family of pigs. Nothing dirty as it seems like.

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15 Apparently X-Rated Photos That Are Actually Really Innocent

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