14 Hilarious Texts From Cheaters That’ll Leave You Laughing Hard

Consider cheating as a negative thing? Well even this negative trait can make you laugh.

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Relationships nowadays are usually taken for granted. More often than not, you find people cheating each other in a relationship. This act is considered unethical, and it feels as if the cheater has no sincerity in his/her heart. But the good thing is that we have compiled some cheating text messages that are ridiculously hilarious. Reading these chats would bring a smile on your face. In other words, even a negative behavior can make you laugh, if the situation makes it hilarious. Without taking any further time, let us jump to the list we have made:

14. The wrong confession:


Confessing to your husband regarding your betrayal; and telling him that you slept with his boss takes a lot of courage. But your courage might turn into the biggest mistake of your life, if you do not check the contact before sending the text message. The same thing happened here.

The mother mistakenly texted her daughter, telling her about the time she spent with her boss in the bed. The situation gets complicated when the daughter replies that she does not have a boss, and the mother tells her that the message was for her dad. Embarrassment is a pretty small word for what happened.

13. Texting your girlfriend accidentally:


Talking about not checking the contact before texting. Well this case perfectly fits that criteria. I mean what can be worse than a boyfriend cheating on her girlfriend. Yes, the worse exists. More unpleasant thing happens when the boyfriend texts her girlfriend, thinking that he is texting the girl that he is flirting with. When he comes to know he has done, and in order to negotiate the situation, he replies with a traditional “I love you”. But the damage that he did is irrecoverable, don’t you think?

12. Doubled loss at a time:


For those of you who have more than one girlfriend, giving mobile to any one of your girls is quite deadly. In this scenario, one of his girlfriends had his mobile in her hand. An anonymous girl sends intimidate photos to her boyfriend. When she inquires about who she is, the girl replies by saying that “I’m your girlfriend silly”.

The former tells that I am Todd’s (the boyfriend) girlfriend. This eventually created a massive misunderstanding. And following my 6th sense, I can judge that this guy must have had two breakups at a time.

11. Its never over that easy:


If your boyfriend says that it’s over, then you better not get carried away or overreact. More than half of the boyfriends on this planet use “it is over” for the video games or for a live football match. The girl in this heading jumped to the conclusion pretty quickly, and spit out one of the most inappropriate secrets. I mean the boyfriend would not have expected his girlfriend to confess that she slept with his brother in reply to a message which informed her that the match is over.

10. Tit for tat aka troll for troll:


Guys are one of the most possessive creatures alive. And when it comes to another guy dating their ex, boys feel jealous. Well the same thing happened here. One guy texted the other guy, trying to troll him for the size of his penis. The thing that makes it more interesting is the reply that he gets. The other guy texts him back with a solid comeback which you can see there in the picture.

9. Cheated on a math test:


Even if your boyfriend says that he cheated, please do not go wild immediately. Relax for a second, and ask him about what he just said. This thing is what the girlfriend lacked here. She had no patience whatsoever. She immediately started blaming him and at the end told him that she slept with his brother.

The boyfriend tells her that he was talking about the math test. She felt embarrassed and tries to cover it up by saying that it was her sister. But the boyfriend gives a straightforward yet a hilarious reply by saying that the user is not available and you are single from now on.

8. The night club trip:


Never ever, I repeat never ever, tell your girlfriend that you are sick and go to the strip club. The boyfriend in this scenario falsely tells his girlfriend that he is in the bed, going through high fever and is not feeling well. The girlfriend first shows some sympathy, but then asks him to turn around and look who’s here. Because she was in the same strip club, where he was. HE’S BUSTED.

7. The worldly confusion:

This dude is dumb. Trying to tell his friend JORDAN and show off about the time that he spent with a girl last night. But things get interesting when his friend turns into his girlfriend JORDYN. A minor mistake from “A” to “Y” can turn your girlfriend to you ex.

6. The simultaneous cheat:


How many times do you see a guy cheating on his girlfriend by sleeping with her sister. Here is one of the most hilarious situation of our list. The boyfriend tells his friend that his girlfriend is cheating on him, cause she told that she was sleeping with her sister. Sleeping with a sister? This does not look like cheating, right? But guess what! The guy himself was sleeping with her sister that night. This proves that both were cheating each other that night.

5. The board meeting:


Every now and then, you see people cheating their partners by faking a board meeting. This picture is quite special. The guy told his girlfriend that he has a meeting at 7PM. His girlfriend said that it is okay. But the next text message changes the whole scenario. The guy sends a wrong text message that he wanted to send to a girl named Jenny.

4. Gay relationship are in, mom:


Cheating on your girlfriend seems a more orthodox and usual way of cheating. But cheating on your parents, well that feels more inappropriate. The mother in this picture asks her son that who is he with? He tells that he is alone. She makes him tell the truth by saying that she saw the Snapchat. The son at the end confesses that he was sleeping with a guy that he liked. That’s the best gay story of all time.

3. Double cross is lethal:


The boyfriend texts his girlfriend and gets a reply that she is Anna, and this message was for Kellie. But he plays cheeky, says that it was for Anna and asks her to keep it secret. But unluckily, Anna tells him that Kellie was standing right behind her, and reading the text messages.

2. Her boyfriend was not her mom:


The girl texts her mom asking her what would she so when she come to know that her daughter his pregnant. The mother replies by saying that she will keep the baby. The girl after listening it, confesses that she lost her virginity to her teacher Ross and now she is pregnant. But the thing was that she was texting her boyfriend, and he was acting as her mother for a while.

1. Not seeing the name:


Cheating on your boyfriend and planning a hang out is quite risky. More risky is when you text without looking at the name. The same happens here. The girlfriend accidentally texts her boyfriend, thinking that she is texting the guy she is flirting with. The boyfriend asks her to look at the name and see to whom she sent the message. She texts back, saying that she loves him. But things like these are not easily recoverable.

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14 Hilarious Texts From Cheaters That’ll Leave You Laughing Hard

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