10 Signs That Tell You Are Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

Tell-tale signs that your bra size is not right


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Every woman wears them, but doesn’t like to talk about them. Especially if you are resentful about wearing them. We have all had, at some point in life, been frustrated with our bras. Whether we like them or not, we cannot do without them, mostly. But could there be a reason that you hate your bra with all your heart? Because there are some women who absolutely love them. Could this be because your bra size isn’t right for you? If you have ever felt uncomfortable wearing a bra, then ‘yes’ is most likely the answer. Read on the signs listed below to see whether our diagnoses is right!

10. Your bra feels loose..or tight

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A 2008 survey conducted by bra manufacturer Triumph and published in the journal Chiropractic & Osteopathy found that the majority of women (80 percent!) were wearing bras that were the wrong size. Of those women, 70 percent of them wore bras that were too small, while 10 percent wore bras that were too large. If you are constantly aware of your bra and sneakily try to readjust it; whether to position it right over your boobs or loosen the strap a bit, then definitely you are wearing the wrong size.

9. Straps that cut into your shoulders

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Your bra should not be leaving any marks on your skin. The back band of your bra provides 80% of the support so that leaves 20% of the job for the straps. If after a while of wearing you notice that there are pink or red streaks where the bra straps have been resting, then your bra is too tight.  These pieces of materials should sit comfortably on your shoulders and, importantly, offer you the support you need. If they are not doing that, something is most certainly wrong. Adjust the straps so that your two fingers can fit in underneath. If it still feels tight then you have to upgrade to a size up.

8. You wear your bra on the tightest hook

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Even though the tightest hook is there for a reason, it should not be always used. According to Cosmopolitan, a great bra will support you perfectly even when it’s on the loosest hook. If yours is on the tightest and you still don’t feel fully supported, your band is probably too loose or it’s worn out over time. For the most part, women only need to use the middle hook on their bra clasp. This one should offer both the right level of comfort and support and you should not need to use the extreme hook positions.

7. Your bra band rides up in the back

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Are you familiar with this uncomfortable feeling? If you are then it is a sure sign that your bra size is wrong. According to Busty Resources, the bra band is the part that runs around the rib cage of the wearer. The cups are attached to the front of the bra band, the straps to the back, and in the center of the bra band is where the hook and eye closures are typically located (either the front or the back).The bra band contributes the most to a bra’s fit. In a well-designed bra, most of the weight of the breast is distributed throughout the bra band. If the bra band is not tight enough, or otherwise ill-fitting, the bra will ultimately prove uncomfortable and unsupportive.

6. The underwire hurts you

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The purpose of the underwire in a bra is to contour the natural shape of your breasts. Underwire bras are designed to bring your weight closer to the front, while also slightly lifting them upwards. They compass your entire bra tissues, which also gives a lift and desirable round shape. However, their intention is not to hurt you. If they are, then that means that the size of the bra is off. The last thing you need to do is walk around all day long in pain because of your bra. It’s not healthy! Instead, make sure that you’re wearing one that truly fits.

5. Your bra cups have a gap

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Your bra cups should lay smooth on your boobs and have no gaps. The bra lady, Linda, explains this issue as follows: Often, a gap at the top of the cup is the result of wearing a cup size that is too large. Make sure you’ve adjusted your breast so that it is centered within the cup. If you have extra room in the cup, you should try going down one cup size. Don’t worry if you are already an A cup – try a slightly smaller AA cup bra. If the bra cup used to fit and you have not lost weight, your bra may be too old. This is especially true of stretch cup bras, which can stretch out or lose their shape over time.

4. Your bra cups are overfilled

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The opposite of having gaps in your cups is that they are filled too much. This may result in your boobs spilling over from the bra on the sides and top and is a sign that your bra size is too small. A solution is to size up in the cup until all of your breast tissue is covered. Also, the style of the bra may not be right for you. Some cups are designed to be shallower near the top or they have reduced stretch, which can cut into breast tissue.

3. You have boob sweat

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While this is more common in the summer months, it is very uncomfortable and becomes embarrassing too when it results in sweat soaking your bra outlines and being visible on your clothes. Boob sweat is a sign you’re wearing a bra with a little too much padding, or a bra made from a smothering fabric or synthetic material. An unlined bra style will allow your skin to breathe while providing the structure you want. Another option is a lightly lined bra, or a t-shirt bra because they tend to be lightly lined (to absorb sweat) without making you sweat even more.

2. The center gore is not centered

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The gore is the center of the cups, where the underwire forms a little bridge. According to Busty Resources, the gore’s position relative to the wearer’s body is highly indicative of how well the bra fits. If the bra fits well, the gore should touch one’s torso. If the bra fits poorly, the gore will “float above” the breasts, or not fully touch the body. The problem here is that you could have a cup that’s too small, making your breasts to hold the gore away from your chest, or the band is too big, allowing your breasts to hold the gore away from your chest. If you can fit more than 2 fingers between your band and your back, you need a smaller band. If your cup is too small and you see some spillage, you should go up a cup size.

1. The cup shape is now shapeless

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A shapeless bra cup can never provide a good fit or a comfortable wear. Just as a good fit is important, so is the shape. As Keenine points out, like almost any product with time the quality of a bra starts to go downhill. With bras the biggest indicator is usually a warped cup shape in the bras that have a molded cup. And when they are warped it can make your breasts look lumpy. To avoid this for as long as possible avoid over-wearing a bra or putting it through the washing machine and dryer.

So now you have all the more reason to add some new pieces to your lingerie drawer!

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10 Signs That Tell You Are Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

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