10 Qualities In Men That Will Charm The Pants off Any Woman

When it comes to getting hot and heavy, it seems like every woman has different preferences. Some like to take control, some like to tease their partners, others may even want to see their man take the lead. So how can you separate rumor from reality and leave her wanting more? Read through the slides to hear real women confess exactly what drives them crazy in the bedroom.

10. Man Of Mystery

Blindfolds aren’t just meant for 50 Shades of Grey– this steamy trick is guaranteed to drive women wild in real life too! They may not confess it often, but ladies love the feeling of anticipation that comes from not being able to see where the next touch will be.

9. Get Knotty

Looking to take your sex life to the next level? Bring up the idea of using flirty restraints in the bedroom. You might be surprised at just how excited your partner is at the idea of getting down while being tied up. Who knows, she may even want to give it a go immediately.

Want to know what else makes women instantly more attracted to you? Read on for more secrets from the source…

8. Picture Perfect

Attraction isn’t all about physical pleasure. Wooing your woman with even the smallest and most innocent of romantic gestures is sure to instantly boost her passion for you. Even if it is just a random moment, take pictures of her anytime you notice her looking pretty. She will appreciate the sweet gesture and may even show off those good looks for you in private.

7. Girls On Film

Capturing the moment forever is not only sweet- it can also be pretty sexy. Filming your intimate moments may seem too taboo to even bring up, but many women are secretly curious about making steamy videos with their lovers. Bonus: the two of you will have the perfect souvenir to watch after your next date night.

Naughty videos aren’t the only way to automatically set the mood. Check out the next slide for another helpful hint.

6. Live Out Your Fantasies

Whether it’s a Magic Mike-style policeman getup or a particularly revealing nurse costume, one thing remains consistent: roleplaying is hot. After all, strippers perform as certain characters for a reason! Integrating some creative roleplay into your sex life can provide a perfect way for you and your partner to live out your dirtiest fantasies.

5. Talk Dirty To Me

Question: what’s something you can do anywhere and anytime to immediately turn a woman on? Answer: dirty talk. Whether it’s a sexy comment whispered in her ear or a surprise text telling her exactly what to expect next time you’re together, sharing some naughty thoughts with your partner is sure to set the mood.

Keep reading for some steamy tips for when you’re ready to act on those words…

4. Three’s A (Hot) Crowd

Many men would be surprised to learn that one of their biggest fantasies may be something their partners are just as interested in too. For many women, the idea of a threesome seems incredibly exciting and seductive. Just make sure to thoroughly talk it out with everyone involved beforehand and enjoy the party.

3. Screen Time For Two

Letting a partner in on one of your naughtiest, most private moments is a surefire way to heat things up between the two of you. Watching some of your favorite X-rated videos together not only gives you the chance to learn exactly what she’s into- it also puts you both in the mood to test it out.

Keep reading for more wild tips that women secretly love. You won’t believe #1…

2. Location, Location, Location

No matter what your personal preferences, styles, and activities are in the bedroom, there is one change any couple looking to shake it up could make: taking it out of the bedroom in the first place. The kitchen, the dining room, and even the backseat of a car all make for exciting places to get nasty. Just make sure no one sees!

1. Public Relations

While completely stripping it down when out on the town may be a bit too risky, there is nothing more lustful than some suggestive touches when you’re out with your special lady. Wandering hands under the dinner table make for the perfect way to subtly get her thinking about the dirty things she might want to do with you later.

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10 Qualities In Men That Will Charm The Pants off Any Woman

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